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Advantages of plastic molding parts over metal parts


Generally speaking, when you think of molding a product or part, you have two options of either plastic or metal.Some applications work only in metal and others only in plastic. Many, however, occupy a large middle ground in which either will work. At such times, plastic is often the material of choice given its many benefits.

Over the years, it is apparent that many industries have taken notice of the advancements made when it comes to the plastic injected molding of products. Not only have they successfully replaced huge car parts, such as panels, bumpers and dashboards, but also fine precision components such as the camera lens assemblies, including the clear lens itself, and numerous minute watch parts.

As plastic injection molding machinery continues to get better and produce high-quality plastic, there are several advantages of plastic injection molding  parts vs. metal parts.There are actually a lot of instances where plastic is a much better choice.

Plastic Molding is Less Expensive
Since plastic is much lighter than metal, plastic parts are better logistically. Metal is heavy, thus, would make it way more expensive to ship from the manufacturer to the client.

Plastic Molding is More Resilient
Parts made of plastic are very resilient contrary to popular belief. When a plastic molding product is made correctly, they are actually non-corrosive, spark resistant, and even mildew resistant.

Plastic Molding Has Memory
Unlike metal, plastic molds have a lot of memory. As a very forgiving material, plastic can easily return to its previous size if needed. This helps minimize errors and produce a product faster.

Plastic Molding is More Consistent Balancing
When melting materials for the injection molding machines, the way the molds fill with the material can greatly impact the size, strength, and appearance of the mold. This is called balancing, and with plastic injection molding, balancing is much easier and consistent making for a better part or product.

Plastic Molding is Easier to Assemble
Just as plastic is pliable, this also makes any plastic injection mold easier to assemble, which too helps make plastic molding less expensive than metal.

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