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How to Optimize Your Plastic Injection Mold Designs

custom refrigerator parts moldDesigning better parts initially will help ensure a smoother transition to production and faster delivery of your new products.A lot of time and attention goes into making a successful plastic injection mold design. If you don’t get the design right, nothing you do is going to compensate for that later. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you get the right design from the beginning:

  • Size of the mold:The maximum part outline that can be molded is approximately 18.9 in. (480mm) by 29.6 in. (751mm) or roughly equivalent to 175 sq. in. (1,129 sq. cm.). A maximum part volume of approximately 59 cu. in. Depth up to 4 in. (101mm) from the parting line with 3 degrees of draft, or up to 8 in. (202mm) total if the parting line can pass through the middle of the part, inside and outside. Deeper parts are limited to a smaller outline
  • Tolerances:Typically,Jingwei industry can maintain a machining tolerance of ±.003 in. (0.08mm) with an included resin tolerance that can be greater than but no less than ±.002 in./in. (0.002mm/mm).
  • Wall Thickness :With injection-molded parts, observing proper wall thickness helps parts avoid potential issues such as sink marks and warpage.
  • Drafts :Drafts  are actually vital to ensuring that you have taken all of the other aspects into account and have worked to improve the mold based on any new information. Drafts give you a way of seeing where you have been and what did not work before or highlight areas where you think previous design versions were better.

Every mold design needs to take above four primary factors into account before being made.Size,Tolerances,Wall thickness should be located on the specifications or requirements for the mold. If you do not have these, that should be the first step in the process because these three factors tend to be the reason that a mold either succeeds or fails.

  • Surface finish:Surface finishes play a critical role in both functionality as well as the cosmetic look and feel. Parts that are hidden may not require a surface finish at all;
  • Undercuts:An injection mold undercut is any indentation or protrusion that prohibits an ejection of a part from a one-piece mold.Reducing the number of undercuts often helps to reduce the initial cost of tooling.Undercuts are critical on things like bottle caps, but not all molds will require undercuts as part of the plastic injection mold design.

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