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Keys to Successful Mold Making

precision-engineered mold The key to a successful and precision part depends on the quality of its mold, but building a reliable, long-lasting mold can take a considerable amount of time — and requires a great deal of accuracy. Also, molds are often one the largest capital investments in a project, so it’s critical that tooling
is built right the first time around. This is particularly important in high-volume injection molding projects, where molds can be extremely complex.

Below are some important factors to keep in mind when building a mold to ensure optimal quality and reliability.

What Makes a Good Mold?
A high-quality, precision-engineered mold that is built to last can be an excellent investment for your company. The best plastic injection molds feature all of the following characteristics:

  1. Good design and engineering
  2. High-quality stainless steel mold bases and cavities for optimal performance and durability
  3. Manufactured on modern equipment with the capability for precise machining
  4. Accurately crafted with attention to high standards and tight tolerances

How Does Our Factory Make Molds?
To create a mold, we reverse engineer a design from a supplied part or create a mold based on the customer’s drawing or CAD file. To craft the tool, the team then utilizes EDM equipment, CNC mills, lathes, and grinding machinery. Many of our designers started out as toolmakers, so they fully understand the intricacies of the process, from start to finish.

Custom Mold Making With Jingwei Industry
The OK Industry has been building stainless steel molds for plastic injection molding projects for over 15 years, and we continue to work closely with every client to ensure high value and top-quality results. To learn more about our custom tool making and high-volume injection molding capabilities, please feel free to contact us via info@okmolding.com or visit us at :okmolding.com

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