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Quotes for Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding is one of the most popular ways to create plastic parts as well as plastic components. This method injects plastic into a mold to generate an inverse form. All sorts of useful products are created with custom plastic injection molding. For the most part, plastic injection molding is quite complex compared to other approaches. It requires a highly nuanced mold so it tends to cost more than other methods.

Obtaining and analyzing quotes from different mold makers for custom injection molding costs is inherently complex. The quote hinges on input such as sample parts, prototypes, drawings and so on. Designers must examine each of these inputs to identify the optimal molding solution. Note that it is possible for the part to be redesigned to enhance efficiency during the manufacturing process and boost the number of parts generated during the molding process.

Costs tend to rise when molds are created with more cavities, especially tight tolerances and an extensive production life. However, the additional upfront cost is almost always worth the money. Such elite molds stand the test of time and require minimal maintenance.

Additional Variables That Impact Custom Injection Molding Costs
The mold base is one of many additional factors that influences custom injection molding costs. The mold base is a case that stores the mold cavities and combines the components with one another. The cost of this base is estimated according to the mold size and the type of steel that makes the base. Even the level of customization desired by the customer plays a part in determining cost. The core metal impacts costs in that long-lasting molds require a metal that stands the test of time. Such core metal is more expensive. Alternatively, short production runs can make use of a metal that does not last as long and costs less.

Part complexity influences custom injection molding costs as well. Whether the final part requires an elaborate surface finish, a tight tolerance or a certain number of undercuts, such specifications ultimately play a part in shaping the total cost. Core/cavity machining matters as well. Every mold must be customized. Customization requires the placement of cavities, cooling lines, ejectors etc. Even the steel used in the part alters the cost. Hardened steel molds that are especially durable are more costly to manufacture. Yet, once these uber-strong steel molds are finished, they have quite the lengthy production life.

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