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Why should you choose the plastic parts manufacturer in China?

In recent years, we heard more and more reports about manufacturing industry moving out from China. Compare with 2014, the total amount of Chinese export fell by 7%, however, the export of plastic part increased by 3.1%. The data shows that even though some manufacturers are leaving China, but more buyers still choose to purchase plastic parts from China. Why the plastic manufacturing in China is still attracting?


Integrated Supply Chain

Nowadays, no factory can manufacture a product without purchasing any items from other suppliers. Take us(Jingwei industry) as an example, we are able to make moulds and process of injection molding, but we have to buy raw material, some standard mould components, kinds of oil for mechanical uses, knife tools etc.. All these suppliers constitute the supply chain. After 30 years development, China has not only the strong industry foundation, but also the integrated supply china. That’s why the product made in China is high quality with competitive price.

Most Hard-working Workers

It is no doubt that Chinese is the most hard working people in the world. Most of Chinese manufacturing workers have to work 12 hours per day and 6 days per week. The workers from the so called low human labor countries don’t like to work overtime. The common situation happened in southeast countries is that the workers disappeared after receiving the payment. Chinese workers only complain the overtime hours are too few to get more reward.

Upgrading Technology and Equipment

Chinese manufacturers are upgrading their technologies and equipments. Several years ago, many factory made the mould by turning and milling machines. Now, almost every mould maker even the small factory is utilizing the CNC milling machine and EDM. Mold flow analysis is widely used now. There upgradings help the Chinese manufacturers reach the higher quality requirement like the precision and stability.

Low Wage of Engineer

The wage of engineers in China is still lower than the averaged wage in the world. Still, China has the largest number of engineers. That’s why apple inc choose the China manufacturers to fabricate its electronic products.

Above all, if you want to get a product with high quality and cheap price, Made in China is still the first choice.Contact an experienced Chinese plastic injection molding company, OK industry via info@okmolding.com

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