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Tool Making

The processes of designing/developing

Situation A:

If having the finished 3D Drawing,the Process will be:
1.Customers send us 3D file and provide material/color/size/logo/surface/quantity etc.
2.Our engineer team will assure the design is suitable for manufacturing or not.If yes,we will make a production scheme and quotation .If not,our engineer team will provide a production analysis report and provide suggestions to modify the design.
3.we will make mold and samples for confirming by customers.
4.After confirming samples by customers,we will arrange mass production.

Situation B:

Just an idea or similar sample,the Process will be:
1.Our engineer team will 3D scanning the sample to get the 3D Drawing.
2.According to customers’s requests,engineers will modify 3D Drawing again and again.
3.The following Processes are the same with the situation A.

Your Quote

Interactive quotes a 3D file is all you need to begin the process. Submit a file through our website, via email . Our experienced sales engineers will quickly put together a comprehensive, interactive quote as well as a Manufacturability Analysis.

Modify quantities, materials, surface finishes and more to find the perfect combination for your project and your budget.updated in real time. Anytime, anywhere.

Competitive pricing and our own advanced processes allows you, as a designer, to quickly compare pricing to find the optimal choice for your manufacturing requirements.

Upon approval, your files are sent to our Mold Design Department where we begin creating your tooling off of the exact dimensions of your part. Years of experience has allowed us to refine our process and develop long-lasting, precision tooling for the injection molding process ensuring you consistent manufacturing and high quality precision parts.

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