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4 Simple Tips on Cheap Injection Molding

injection moldingInjection Mold is the biggest cost of manufacturing a plastic part.Cheap injection molding is essential especially when you have a limited budget for a new project.I’ll share 4 practical tips you can use to get your own cheap injection molding.

Tip 1: Make a simple part design
The more complicated you parts are, the more money you would spend. Keep the part design simple is the most important factor for cheap injection molding.

Tip 2: Let the mold maker know the mold life
To some customers, this might be difficult to decide. They would say: “well, I don’t know. It’s a new product, let the market decides” or “just give me the price, you don’t have to worry about the quantities”. Actually, an unsure mold life will surely make the injection molding not cost-effective. Why? The mold maker will have to use a longer mold life in case you need an increasing volume in future. So no mold life equals to longer mold life to injection molding manufacturers.

Tip3: Use a regular part color like black if possible, not white or clear
Black is a popular color, which applies to a wide arrange of plastic housings. If white or clear colors required, the injection molding manufacturers will have to use many resins to clean their machines first to avoid leftover colors. Also, a cleaner injection condition is required to avoid black spots. So if you want cheap injection molding, sometimes you would have to give up using white or clear colors.

Tip 4: Find a mold manufacturer at smaller size
When a manufacturing facility comes bigger, so does their profit, as they will have to pay off the factory rent, human expenses, and managing cost to maintain their running. However, these will make your injection molding expensive. So if you work with a small injection molding company, everything is based on lower pricing.

Cheap injection molding is possible if you get it right. Make a simple part design, communicate with your injection molder. You will save your money for your project.

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