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Plastic Injection Molding for Automotive Industry


Over the years, Jingwei industry have supplied a wide range of projects within the automotive industry, varying from components to panels.Automotive parts plastic molding need to fully consider the following factors in the design, material dry processing, glass fiber reinforced material to the new requirement of the screw, the drive form and structure, etc.

First, plastic automobile parts like bumper, instrument panel and other commonly used resin materials such as modified PP and modified ABS, modified resin, resin materials have different moisture absorption, to meet the requirements of formed when water content (generally <0.2%), plastic resin raw materials in advance into the injection molding machine screw before measurement, should be treated with hot air drying or dehumidification drying.

Second, the current domestic automotive plastic parts basically for glass fiber reinforced plastic products, and compared with chopped glass fiber reinforced resin, forming of glass fiber reinforced plastic injection molding machine used the material of the screw and the structure is quite different.Injection molding machine, when the design should pay attention to the screw cylinder of alloy materials and special heat treatment process, ensure that its corrosion resistance and strength.

Third, as a result of plastic auto molding parts is different from conventional products, it has a very complicated cavity surface, stress, stress distribution, the processing capacity needed for the key consideration in the design of it.Injection molding processing capacity in mould clamping force and injection capacity most injection volume of the two aspects.When molding products in injection molding machine, clamping force must be greater than the mould opening force produced by mold cavity pressure, or the mold parting surface will be separated from material overflow.

Fourth, based on the characteristics and complex plastic automotive spare parts for injection molding machine driving form and die structure design, domestic currently used for the hydraulic mechanical or hydraulic type hydraulic bent elbow, or the direct pressure clamping mechanism to the center of injection molding machine.

Fifth, because the cavity surface of plastic automobile molding product is very complex, injection molding machine should consider its particularity, in the design of configuration function of some special programs: such as multiple sets of core-pulling, sequential control, injection molding machine supporting device of the mould function, supporting function take manipulator device, etc.These special features has obvious advantages in the production of automotive plastic parts.

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