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Things About Injection Molds Your Boss Wants To Know

Injection molds are one of the reasons why mass production has become so popular, and why so many manufacturers rely on custom mold makers to produce the perfect mold. Here are things that you may not know about injection molds.

  1. Injection molding can be fully automated and thus permits very high rates of production (you can mass-produce parts very effectively through injection molding processes).
  2. Injection molding allows for the production of highly detailed and intricately designed parts. You will need an engineering design firm or an in-house department to make credible designs, however, once the part is ready for and produced via injection molding,Custom mold makers have perfected the process well enough that final products can have fine details and incredibly intricate designs to meet very strict requirements.
  3. Custom injection molds are often cheaper and more durable than 3D printed molds because the amount of time required to make a complete part is usually in the cooling process.
  4. You can use a variety of materials in injection molding as well as combine different materials to synthesize desirable material properties in your final product. The combination of more than one injection molded material  is known as co-injection molding.
  5. Injection mold makers can actually use aluminum in the products. It is not a common material, but can be used alongside the more common plastic injection molds. This addition will help when a higher heat tolerance is required.
  6. It is rare that a mold is perfect the first time, even with a production mold. so if you work with a tool maker who gives you an 8 week delivery on the tool, be aware that that does not necessarily mean that your part will be useable in 8 weeks.Experts are required to ensure that the final product meets your needs. They can test and measure the mold and first round of injections to see if there is a problem and determine the best way to fix it.
  7. Mold inserts can be used to make new parts so that you do not have to recreate a similar insert for different projects. It is a matter of changing the internal cavity instead of redesigning and machining the mold.

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