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What should be Consider When Designing a Custom Injection Molded Part

Designing and producing custom injected molded parts is a fairly complicated process. Though there are some fairly obvious components to this endeavor, there are also some less obvious aspects that must be considered and perfected. Let’s take a look at the most important items to consider before diving into the injection mold design process.

Define the Physical Properties
The physical properties of the custom injection molded part must be defined at the outset of the process. Of critical importance is the part’s caliber of strength, amount of stiffness, impact resistance level, electrical concerns, wear/scratch mar and whether it needs to be flame retardant.

Take some time to think about the types of chemical exposure the custom injection molded part will be subjected to. If it can’t withstand the rigor of such exposure, the design must be revised. Consider the level of warmth and humidity the part will be subjected to. If it fails to function when the temperature and humidity rise, the part’s design must be altered. Perform extensive temperature-failure analyses prior to the production of the injection mold design.

Additional environment considerations include stress cracking, UV-define failure-color and property/material degradation due to wear and tear.

Establish a reasonable cost target. You must figure out exactly how much the product will cost to produce. Furthermore, the price of the product for sale should also be defined.

Aesthetic Concerns
Though utility is the utmost concern when it comes to injection mold design, the part’s look also matters. Consider what you would like the surface appearance to look like. The part’s color and decorations should be selected prior to the start of production.

Compliance Issues
Consider compliance concerns before commencing production. The part must be in compliance with regulatory and agency standards.

Consider the Project Origin
Take some time to define the project origin. The subtleties of the injection mold design process hinge on whether it is a new project design, a new product, new application, a metal-to-plastic conversion or a new product that is meant to replace an alternative material.

Mold Ability
Consider whether the part fits injection molding capabilities. Determine if the identified resin is appropriate for the part’s idiosyncratic design. Perform a mold flow analysis.

The considerations outlined above all play important roles when deciding on injection mold design. The most successful projects are launched without flaw due to a completion of research during the design and conception stage. Everyone from engineers to resin suppliers, molding vendors and beyond will play an important role in working through the considerations outlined above.Designers, engineers and other relevant team members will prove essential to the successful development and design of plastic injection molded components.

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